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2021-11-25 02:49:25 By : Mr. Andy Leon

Many people find it difficult to deal with pests in their homes, especially those who keep pets in their homes. Eliminating pests is a top priority because they are infesting your place to eliminate the health risks, sanitation problems and property damage that these insects may cause.

One of the best solutions to your pest problem is to invest in an excellent ultrasonic insect repellent that can repel annoying insects while keeping your pet safe.

Ultrasonic insect repellent is a compact device that plugs into a power outlet. They produce high-frequency sound waves designed to fight pests. Research and research conducted over the years have proved the potential and efficiency of ultrasonic insect repellent against different indoor pests. To get more knowledge about ultrasonic insect repellent, you can read more about ultrasonic insect repellent in this blog.

Ultrasonic insect repellent uses sound waves. They emit high-pitched ultrasound, so they may not always be effective in certain situations and conditions. Although sound waves can propagate in the room, they are placed in the room and the sound waves do not pass through the walls because the ultrasonic waves are absorbed by soft surfaces but reflected by hard surfaces. This fact also explains that ultrasound can also be blocked by sofas and furniture.

In addition, the purpose of obtaining ultrasonic insect repellent is to get rid of pests, but this does not mean that proper house cleaning can be forgotten, as it is the basis for the effectiveness of many pest control solutions. Ultrasonic insect repellent is not suitable for very messy and dirty rooms with unsanitary environment, so please remember to clean up before installation and use.

The high sound produced and emitted by the ultrasonic insect repellent is inaudible to human hearing-we cannot hear it, and it will not cause us harm.

It also does not produce any harmful gas or radiation, so it is non-toxic and safe for humans. However, human hearing sensitivity is different. People with sensitive hearing can hear the sound from the repellent and may cause damage to it.

In the best case, ultrasonic insect repellents are very helpful to humans. These previous comments and research address and support this.

Pets are considered part of the family and they also live at home. They are valued and cared for, so consider them when doing everything at home. Although we humans cannot hear the sound of ultrasonic insect repellents, please remember that pets (usually cats and dogs) have better and more sensitive hearing than ours, so they may pick up and hear the sound of insect repellents. sound.

Studies claim that pets are generally not affected by ultrasonic insect repellents. Most of the time, pets are really not disturbed and affected.

Take well-trained dogs as an example. They and their trainers use ultrasound to communicate in the form of dog whistles and are completely unharmed by them. Unless the noise is loud, dogs and other pets are likely to be unaffected and feel uncomfortable.

Even with the previous information, it is best to pay attention to your cats and dogs. If you have other pets in your house, such as hamsters or pigs, you should also be alert for possible effects on them.

Because when you insert and use an ultrasonic insect repellent, just like humans, not all animals have the same sensitivity to hearing. They can pick up and hear sounds that humans cannot hear. There are some comments from users of ultrasound devices, who talked about how their pets were affected.

Some of the signs of discomfort they have observed on pets include:

Prolonged exposure to ultrasound may be harmful to most people. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the cumulative effects of using these types of repellents on humans may include:

Compared with the elderly, children, adolescents, and young people are more likely to hear and pick up ultrasonic waves from insect repellents. Because of this, they are also more likely to be more adversely affected by the sound.

It is okay to be cautious when buying and trying different insect repellents and solutions, because the safety of family members should be the top priority. Judging from reviews and research by users of ultrasonic insect repellent and different institutions, ultrasonic insect repellent will not cause any serious harm or threat to humans or even pets, unless it is very sensitive people. They are safe to use and can be used to repel different indoor pests.

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