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2021-12-27 14:47:09 By : Ms. Vera Mao

Sometimes, when you know that things are not going well at work, you can start preparing for the eventual pink slip. But other times, unemployment comes su…

The tornadoes that tore through parts of Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, and Kentucky this month underscored the need for everyone, no matter wher…

It’s winter, there’s inflation, and electric bills are going up. It’s probably no surprise that the latest J.D. Power survey of utility company customers s…

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Texas at Arlington explored the best way to go about sticking to tasks for longer periods of ti…

Pests come in all shapes and sizes, but rats are among the least healthy and hardest to eliminate. In its annual survey, pest control company Orkin says Ch…

The U.S. government has warned consumers that they are in for a winter of sky-high heating bills. The Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) winter fore…

Even those heating with electricity could feel the pain

The top five paint brands all get ratings of 4.5 stars or better

What’s it like working at Amazon? Depends on who you ask and what your expectations are.

The agency says time is of the essence, but it’s ready to help homeowners out if necessary

Many are also starting to put waivers in place for Tropical Storm Fred

The CDC has offered tips for preparing for adverse weather during the pandemic

Renewal by Andersen was number one in consumer satisfaction

Property owners may challenge the extension in court

Lawmakers contend that the virus is ‘still a threat’ and that Americans should be allowed to stay in their homes

Now that aid programs are ending, the relationship could be rockier

The nationwide eviction moratorium is set to expire Saturday

One data researcher says consumers are better off protecting themselves through insurance

In the wake of Florida’s Surfside disaster, many people are asking that question

The CDC has provided an essential list of to-do’s just in case

Experts attribute the boom in pool demand to people being quarantined at home last year

The agency has offered recommendations for renters in various circumstances

Experts say climate change will likely impact the country’s infrastructure even further

Remote work allowed millions of people to get more room and save money

Judge Dabney Friedrich said the agency exceeded its authority by imposing an eviction ban on the entire country

Three models of the product can pose a threat to elderly or disabled consumers

The agency says property owners who violate the new policy could face prosecution

The company disputes the results of the CPSC investigation

More than a dozen cities are now offering similar assistance

The ability to work remotely sent millions of people in a search for change

Housing experts have argued that it wouldn’t make sense to end the ban before rental assistance goes out

If you think you have termites, there are steps you should take to make sure

Electricity provider Griddy has a bankruptcy plan that will wipe out customers’ electric bills

The pandemic has focused consumers attention on cleanliness and health

If enacted, Americans would no longer have to adjust their clocks twice a year

Experts are hopeful that this will help consumers fight off mosquitoes

State officials say it’s the result of last week’s frigid temperatures

The rest of the country could see higher gasoline prices as a result

Making it harder for kids to access guns increases safety for everyone

The current moratorium would have expired at the end of the month

Survey shows ‘porch pirates’ were more active in 2020

Experts say that finding ways to be altruistic can yield the most happiness in the new year

People are leaving big city life for something more manageable and less expensive

Experts say that spending time away from home allows consumers time to refresh

The agency says some renters could still face eviction or late fees

Meteorologists are uncertain about how powerful the storm will be in states like Florida

Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday

A new survey shows people in small homes are finding the most they want to change

Researchers say the findings hold up even as consumers age and their lives change

The CDC issued the extension order, citing public health concerns

A halt to foreclosures on federally-backed mortgages would have expired today

With the whole family at home, experts say electricity use has surged

The system will be based on Google’s Nest platform

Mortgage forbearance programs and an eviction moratorium are scheduled to expire within weeks

Current assessment methods leave out important factors like sea levels, rainfall, and flooding history of small creeks

Experts say this behavioral technique could help consumers during quarantine

There are ways consumers can find out if security systems are adapting to the new normal

Experts point to the seemingly endless responsibilities for people in middle age

A study revealed the benefits of opting against longer washing machine cycles

Researchers found that having kids around doesn’t change things

New Jersey led the nation with the most people moving out

Consumer advocates say the move is long overdue

Researchers say they can boost a space aesthetically, but there are no health benefits

Many families are finding that mourning a loved one comes with a hefty price tag

It’s a list no city wants to be on

A study suggests that residue from the popular cleaning product could make breathing more difficult

A survey found that nearly half of homeowners are planning remodeling projects

They’re more likely than baby boomers to feel the stress of homeownership

A measure passed in the wake of deadly wildfires takes effect July 1

Researchers suggest that attainable goals can give consumers peace of mind

Researchers found traces of chemicals in children’s urine and blood

Living in a vehicle is illegal in most cities, but more Americans say they have no other choice

Cut through the clutter by organizing a little each day and donating non-used items

Here’s how you can reduce allergens in your home

Here’s what you can do to keep your family warm and your energy bills low this winter

Focusing on energy-efficiency and waste reduction can help you have a greener holiday

A few simple ways to get your home guest-ready

Apartment List study finds increase in evictions, renters struggling to keep their homes

Planning ahead can help take the stress out of cooking on Thanksgiving day

Empire Today surveyed homeowners across the U.S. for 2017 trends

Trulia report indicates an Autumn price drop that budget shoppers should keep in mind

Follow these tips to keep kids safe this Halloween

As millennials hit their prime home buying years, certain areas see a big influx

Learn how you can keep your home pest-free for the coming winter

Professionals are plagued with growing labor shortages

The company says it wants to 'democratize access' to 3D home tour technology

Financial experts say it's wise to expect the unexpected

Prospective buyers appreciate a cozy, inviting interior

Eight ways to achieve and maintain healthy air quality

Exterior maintenance tasks to complete before summer bids its final farewell

Preventative maintainence can help save you time and money

Quick and stylish tweaks to breathe new life into your bathroom

Houselogic’s top tips for fighting mold, dust, and grime

The shade is neutral enough to help potential buyers see your home as their future home

Preparing for cold weather well before it arrives can pay off later

Different colors can convey different moods, design experts say

And it's most likely to happen when no one is home

Farmers say their livelihoods are at risk from an agricultural chemical that is killing their crops

A study shows what worked for sellers and what didn't

Experts say poor air quality can lead to negative health consequences

Features that can help maximize your enjoyment of your outdoor living area

Buildshop offers free tools for planning and budgeting

Four low-cost kitchen upgrades potential buyers will appreciate

Indoor and outdoor projects that can lead to problems down the line

The expense isn't limited to the mortgage payment

Simple tricks that can add an element of effortlessness to the task of cleaning

Four ways to embrace the new trend in kitchen appliances

Savings, debt, and employment history are huge factors

Simple steps can keep cooling costs under control

You will prepay taxes and insurance, along with third party fees

A pool, a great grill, and a lush lawn make backyard summers more enjoyable

Researchers say green features can add up to $25,000 in value

California sees a new campaign for home and building owners to stop using natural gas

Home staging can boost the dollar value offered by buyers, realtors say

Solar companies have jumped into the awning business

They are the single most dangerous thing you can add to your home

A little paint, a new door, a lush lawn -- they make a big difference

Officials say the blaze began in a refrigerator-freezer made by a company Whirlpool later acquired

Tips for eradicating potential problems

Holding onto the memory tied to an item can make getting rid of it easier, study finds

Trulia highlights simple steps that cost little, if anything

Consumers who want to avoid using toxic chemicals have plenty of options

Arranging to have a neighbor get the mail isn't the only preparation homeowners can take

Consider the size of the room and the capacity of the unit

They improve the aesthetics while adding function

Focus on air conditioning, because that's the biggest expense

Silicon Valley is taking credit for "disrupting" Big Mattress with a sales gimmick that was actually developed by an 84-year-old Tennessee welder

Whether you're renting a truck or hiring a pro, here's some helpful information

Consumers building a 'smart' home need to give some thought to security

The threat is growing, so it is important to protect yourself

These service plans may be vital when buying an existing home you know little about

It may not be as ready to show as you think

The trick is to not overspend on improvements

Texas police say one couple swiped personal data right from consumers' unlocked cars

Trulia says if you know what to look for, it's easy to identify

An extra bedroom or bathroom could add a hefty amount to your mortgage

You can spend a little and make a big difference

What consumers can do to avoid purchasing a dangerous item

Garage doors rank among top home improvements for 2017

Removing signs of pets can help a home sell faster and for more money, experts say

The incidence of thyroid cancer has more than tripled over the last four decades

Consumers can use their tax return to finance some much-needed home improvements

Tasks to complete now for a beautiful lawn and garden this spring and summer

Tips for creating a safe home environment for people living with Alzheimer's

Advocacy groups are suing the Trump administration for approving Enlist Duo in 34 states this year

The Department of Energy offers tips for saving energy and lowering costs

Neutral interior walls and earth-toned exteriors are most desirable to buyers, experts say

Tips on preparing your home's exterior for the impact of a spring storm

Holoroom How To walks users through the process of completing an unfamiliar project

Cleaning the lint trap isn't the only precaution to take, experts say

The stool collapsed inward and sharp ceramic shards punctured the man's femoral artery

What you can do now to make a quick sale come spring

Just because it's possible to livestream copyrighted video doesn't make it legal

Saving for a down payment is a top concern among first time home buyers, survey finds

Surprise action raises questions about other housing assistance programs

First-time Millennial homeowners don't want to break the bank to achieve their dreams

Consumers should be sure to adjust their thermostats and unplug devices before traveling

FEMA reminds consumers to check the date on their smoke alarms

Addressing your home's vulnerabilities can keep damage from occurring while you're away

DiedInHouse.com can fill you in on every grim detail of your home's history

Design experts use your style to create a 3D rendering of what your home could look like

Take a photo, choose a color, and the app will show you the end result

Earthquake swarms, looming hurricanes ... it's time to get ready

Top-loading, high-efficiency machines can shake themselves to pieces during the spin cycle

Some of the machines have been recalled in Australia, but not here

Eight exterior elements to address before winter's imminent arrival

Homeowners along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts should prepare for another season

Minority mortgage applicants paid higher interest rates than whites

Researchers examined 32 hoses from six different retailers

Concrete accents, teak furniture, and bright colors are summer 2016's stand-out trends

The increase may be as high as 58 percent for some consumers, state warns

Metal roofing is a smart investment that can pay off big in the long run

At $199, the Braava Jet is more affordable than the Roomba and perfect for hard surfaces

Five refrigerators named top picks by online experts

Combined company will retain the ADT brand

With Artis Wall, homeowners can put up a backsplash or accent wall quickly and easily

Smart appliances and the interconnectivity they offer will provide new opportunities

They're handy but they're also prone to unexplained fires

Disaster prep is easy if you have lots of money. Here's some advice in case you don't

“Real Mail Notification” is free to end users. But will marketers think it's worth paying for?

A small appliance can cause big damage

Lightweight panels are used to construct a "safe room" in any dwelling

And if that information is used for nefarious purposes, too bad for you

Keeping surfaces clean and changing filters regularly can prevent a nasty surprise on a hot summer day

A recent class-action filing plus numerous consumer complaints suggest maybe they are

Vinyl may be the best solution for most pets

Assembly Bill 349 passed yesterday by a vote of 69-2; now goes before state Senate

Another stellar example of homeowners' associations at work

The actions come amid growing concerns about formaldehyde in laminate flooring

What happens when state water-conservation laws run afoul of HOA lawn mandates?

Emergency rooms are packed on weekends with victims of home handyman mishaps

Once in your garage, getting into your house is easy

Gas-powered devices should never be run inside a building

Early front-loaders caused a lot of problems but have gotten better with time

There are more options than there used to be

It's not just your imagination; study confirms shorter lifespan

They're very expensive to replace, so regular maintenance is essential

Your old pods and K-cups won't work with new Keurig machines — unless you use one of these workarounds

Massachusetts researchers say they can without impacting jobs or profits

Believe it or not, researchers say you should be hostile right back

It could turn into The Nightmare on Your Street

This useful service funded by the residents' own HOA fees

Roasting chestnuts on an open fire? Not a good idea

First it costs money to buy stuff, then it costs money to store it ....

Gray might seem drab but maybe "understated" is a better term

Seeds' longevity depends partly on how they're stored

Efficient machines and savvy consumers depress detergent companies' bottom lines

The little marsupials eat snakes, ticks, slugs and bugs of all kinds

Regulations for ensuring the safety of home elevators are lax to non-existent in many places

FDA says there's no evidence they are more effective than plain soap and water

Can't say, really; the correct answer is “It depends”

Char-Broil grills not getting rave reviews from backyard chefs

The devices are life-savers, but not when the battery is dead

Illinois utility board warns residents of "rip-offs"

More reasons to stay away from homeowners' associations

Customers of Ambit Energy decry unexpected price jumps

If last year's mower sat outside all winter, it may be time for a new one

In most cases, you do. Surge suppressors are essential.

It's among the few major studies of online emotional contagion

Author claims it's Realtors who are running the show

The major choice comes down to: portable or stationary

Preventing home invasion might lower a home’s value, according to HOA board

Identity thieves prefer the dead to the living

The old incandescent bulbs will fade away after January 1

A string of Christmas lights is a dangerous threat in some suburbs

There are major differences in cost, efficiency and performance

No recalls, but our readers think there should be

Many readers empathized with our recent "HOA horrors" story

We didn't invent any of these crazy stories. We really wish we had

Manufacturers continue to tinker with the French door design

One step closer to the computerized home of the future

Readers report repairs costing more than the purchase price

Numerous readers complain contracts impossible to cancel

Just because something says it's "flushable" doesn't mean it won't cause problems

It's the first case to be brought against Internet-connected everyday devices

But not all consumers have a good experience with the Power picks

The machines vibrate, smell moldy and don't work very well, customers complain

If you seem to run out of ink too quickly, your printer may be wasting it

Things to do, things not to do and how long to cool down before you do anything

According to the experts, it's all about preventive maintenance

Utilities offer rebates if you update your appliances

Consumers report timers don't shut off, causing the toaster to overheat

Reports persist of these appliances bursting into flames

These appliances have a lifespan as short as 10 years

Publisher of the Firefox browser "undermining American small business," ad organization huffs

Here are some tell-tale signs to look for

Read the contract carefully and get adequate insurance

Consumers tend to report fewer problems with old-fashioned top-loaders

Sure it's been around for decades, but there still a few rules to follow

Court orders insurer to follow West Virginia law

Whirlpool said the dumping was harming the U.S. washing machine industry

A flying cork moves with enough force to cause significant eye damage

If you're willing to give it some thought and planning, you can save money

Creates the impression you are home even when you aren't

Readers complain of damaged goods, poor customer service, warranty problems

The glassware's manufacturer sues trade journal over article about shattering glassware

A coffee maker might make a good holiday gift. Then again ...

The company says you'll never need oil again, and no foods will ever stick

"Bonded" sounds impressive but the reality doesn't always match the first impression

The "kit" consists mostly of books and DVDs. You must still buy and install the equipment.

Most recent reports center on Emerson models

They look futuristic and have lots of features, but check the consumer reviews first

Social networking site draws a lot of complaints, which may spell trouble in the future

Mold industry leader says term is used to scare consumers

If they're not and one dies, there could be complications

Not just infomercials but Google, Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens and other reputable outlets are selling a supposed pest-killing nightlight

Wiring overheats and burns without warning, consumers complain

Free offers saddled consumers with monthly charges

Consumer-produced video suggests an easy fix

Center for Science in the Public Interest awards ‘A’s to seven states, while 14 get ‘F’s

You just need some of that old-fashioned pioneer spirit

Women with the ovarian dysfunction urged to avoid food and drinks from plastic containers

Leads to hot food, melted plastic, fire hazard

Company claimed its cookware cured diabetes and heart disease

Could lead to substance abuse, depression and anxiety, study suggests

'Too clean' may be as hazardous as 'not clean enough'

Homeowners get the run-around when they seek mortgage modifications

Company recalled 150,000 fans due to fire hazard

Over 8 million homes had negative equity in December

Drywall emits harmful sulfuric odors, homeowner lawsuits charge

Foreclosures and sinking home prices may signal a new era for buyers

Buyers will fare better than owners or sellers in months to come

Rescue plan gives Uncle Sam an equity stake in troubled mortgages

A Katrina refugee pays a return visit

CPSC has known of tip-over hazard for 20 years

Thieves steal and sell your house, leaving you stuck with the mortgage

Transition to digital TV catches many consumers by surprise

Odorless gas is second-leading cause of lung cancer

Prices likely to sink through at least 2009

Companies conspired to inflate appraisals, suit charges

FHA loans fell out of favor in recent years, overshadowed by more exotic loans

Steps You Can Take to Avoid Losing Your Home and Ruining Your Credit

American Dream Becomes the Nightmare on Elm Street

State responds to large number of consumer complaints

Consumers Get Plastic, Metal in Their Drinks

Last month, the FBI awarded a five-year, $12 million contract for ChoicePoint to improve the agency's software systems for investigation and analysis.

Essential Gear: A Sharp Ax

KitchenAid ranks highest in both the dishwasher and range/cooktop/oven segments

Consumer ReportsFinds Even the Best Purifiers Do Little

Giant LA Builder Has Long History of Ignoring FTC Settlements

The company agreed to reimburse consumers $200,000

A Short Primer on Appliances

Whether there is a housing "bubble" is becoming as popular a topic of conversation as how much the house down the block sold for

State targets foreclosure rescue scams

Some can create hazardous ozone levels

Feds make $2 billion available for hurricane relief in Virginia, Florida

Texas law does very little to hold contractors accountable

Salesmen used deceptive methods, suit charges

Homebuilder had tried to stifle a critic

Class Actions Name Home Depot, Lowe's, Monogram Bank

Renting A House or Apartment

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