• You can control this smart mosquito repellent with Google Assistant or Alexa

    by admin on 2022-05-28 05:12:13

    As spring arrives, so do spineless blood-sucking mosquitoes, buzzing around spreading disease and irritability.

    Conventional solutions, including the use of bug sprays, have long been tried and tested but it is time to move on to something smarter. That is the aim of the Liv Smart Mosqui

  • Gulls Be Gone: 10 Ways to Get Rid of Pesky Birds

    by admin on 2022-05-28 05:11:56

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    Gulls are regulars at trash dumps, beaches, and boardwalks, where they can become a nuisance.

    Seagulls can spread disease and be a safety hazard. Here's how to keep them away.


  • Top 10 Best Electronic Bug Repellers 2020 – Bestgamingpro

    by admin on 2022-05-28 05:11:44

    Product reviews, deals and the latest tech news

    # Preview Product 1 Katchy Indoor Insect Trap - Catcher & Killer for Mosquito, Gnat, Moth, Fruit Flies - Non-Zapper... Check Price Now 2 FVOAI Bug Zapper Outdoor, Electronic Mosquito Zapper Fly Zapper for Outdoor

  • Best Pest Control Products at Best

    by admin on 2022-05-28 05:11:42

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    Best Pest Control Products. Best pest control products keep nasty pests away from your body and property with an array of trusted pest control pro

  • Insect repellents work – but there are other ways to beat mosquitoes without getting sticky

    by admin on 2022-05-21 22:29:30

    Clinical Associate Professor and Principal Hospital Scientist, University of Sydney

    Cameron Webb and the Department of Medical Entomology, NSW Health Pathology, have been engaged by a wide range of insect repellent and insecticide manufacturers to provide testing of products

  • How to: combat mosquito breeding – Bundaberg Now

    by admin on 2022-05-21 22:29:26

    The prevalence of mosquitoes across the Bundaberg Region requires a concerted effort from residents in conjunction with Council to minimise the risks associated with mosquito-borne infections.

    Mosquitoes live and breed in different environments.

    Some live and breed in containers h

  • Ward off mosquitos with this 130-hour eco-friendly ultrasonic band

    by admin on 2022-05-21 22:28:44

    Are you a walking buffet for mosquitoes? The pesky blood-thirsty critters will soon be on the prowl with the heat quickly approaching. Stay bite-free while being eco-friendly with the Super Shield Mosquito Repellent Electronic Watch Band.

    Constructed from waterproof, non-toxic silicone,

  • How to stop pigeons ruining your garden and pooing on your car and windows using a 25p trick

    by admin on 2022-05-21 22:28:04

    WITH their incessant loud cooing and expert ability to ruin clean car windows, pigeons are considered by many as quite the pest.

    But while they can cause a real nuisance, they're also fairly harmless - so how do you deter them without hurting them?

    Here, pest management expe

  • Garden pests: ‘Easy to grow’ plants to effectively repel wasps from gardens | Express.co.uk

    by admin on 2022-05-21 22:27:59

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    With the weather set to increase in the coming days and summ

  • Mosquito repellents - Consumer NZ

    by admin on 2022-05-21 22:27:47

    We tested 17 repellents, including four natural products, to see which ones work best to stop mosquitoes biting.

    Repellents with diethyltoluamide (DEET) are known as the gold standard. But some people don’t like how it smells or feels on their skin, and worry about its safety. It can