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Volcanic mounds, ridges of soil in the yard, lines of dead grass, loose soil-if these signs sound familiar, you may have a mole.

You will want to drive these rodents out of your yard before they damage your plants or create habitat for other pests. Fortunately, getting rid of moles from your property is easy, affordable, and requires no intervention. Here is how to choose the right mosquito repellent for your yard.

There are no multiple mosquito repellents to choose from, which can make the decision-making process easier. However, there are still some precautions to keep in mind when choosing a mosquito repellent.

Once you are sure that you have moles, you need to choose the method you want to use to repel them. The most popular method-and the simplest method-uses ultrasonic lawn stakes to stop the animal's frequency from emitting sonic vibration pulses. Pests are annoyed or confused by the sounds, and over time these sounds force them to flee the area. Some ultrasonic insect repellents are also equipped with flashing lights, which can scare and stop other pests.

Another option is granular mosquito repellent, which uses particles of castor oil and other materials to change the lawn's environment in a non-toxic way. When applied to your lawn and watered, this insect repellent will make tunneling unpleasant to moles and change the smell of the bugs they eat. Liquid mosquito repellent can also be used.

Granular mosquito repellent usually covers 2000 to 4000 square feet per bag. The Sonic Mole Repellent can cover up to 7000 square feet, but most operations are between 800 and 1200 square feet. When placing the mosquito repellent, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that you effectively cover your property.

Solar pest control posts only need to be installed once and require little maintenance, but depending on the sun pattern and mole activity, they may need to be repositioned after initial placement. Liquid and granular mosquito repellents should be used every season to maintain effectiveness.

The simplest and most common mosquito repellent is solar powered. They can be placed almost anywhere on your property, except for rechargeable batteries, no additional power source is needed, and they can store electricity and maintain effectiveness even on cloudy days. However, some models may require standard batteries.

Mole prevention posts are required throughout the year. Most are waterproof and weatherproof to ensure that rain, sprinklers and hoses do not affect their performance.

Depending on the model, the sonic vibration used by the Mole Lawn Pile is emitted every 20 to 30 seconds. Pulses can stop gophers, groundhogs and voles, and moles, but they are harmless to humans and pets-although they can be annoying.

Moles may make your yard unsightly, but mole treatment shouldn't. Mole-proof piles usually use low-key colors such as green and black, so they won't stand out in your yard. For the stakes to be effective, they need to be buried as deep as possible while still allowing them to be exposed to sunlight for power, so only a few inches of the top of the stakes can be seen. However, for truly invisible mosquito repellents, you may prefer to use liquid or granular mosquito repellents that are applied directly to the lawn and dissolved.

Ultrasonic mole repellers usually come in a pack of 2-8, and the price is 20-80 US dollars. Four-piece packages are the most common, priced from 25 to 50 US dollars.

A. Certain types of ultrasonic insect repellents take 2-4 weeks to take effect.

Is an ultrasonic mosquito repellent useful?

Answer: Their success largely depends on their position and the movement of the mole itself. If there are gaps or the coverage area is too small, the mole will be able to avoid annoying noise without leaving your yard. You should monitor the activity in the yard for about a week and reposition the stakes as needed. Insect repellent may need to be used in combination with other methods to truly eliminate moles.

RUNADI Outdoor Mosquito Repellent: Available on Amazon

Our opinion: With its effective range of 7,000 square feet and a charging time of 5 hours, this mosquito repellent has begun to work quickly on a large area.

What we like: These piles are waterproof, and they are quick and easy to install.

What we don’t like: It can take up to four weeks to get rid of moles. These bets are also more expensive compared to other bets.

Magic Cat Solar Mosquito Repellent: Available on Amazon

Our view: These easy-to-use waterproof posts come in groups of four. They emit low-frequency pulses of 3 to 4 seconds every 30 seconds.

What we like: Each pile covers an area of ​​40 feet in diameter. Bet's rechargeable battery is charged in the sun for 8 hours or less.

What we don’t like: Some users report that the effective range of bets seems to be more than advertised.

Thanos Solar Mosquito Repellent: Available on Amazon

Our view: These wooden stakes come in a pack of two or six, and they are also waterproof and weatherproof.

What we like: The spikes are sturdy, easy to install, and can be used for other species such as gophers, marmots and voles. It can work for 5-7 days after charging.

What we don’t like: It is recommended to separate them by 60 inches, which may not be suitable for all yard layouts. 

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