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2022-07-10 17:26:55 By : Mr. Anna LI

While you might not be able to take the summer vacation you envisioned this year, you can still enjoy warm weather and relax outside in your backyard or on the front porch. Surely you've already picked out the perfect patio furniture and potted a few plants, but there's one other outdoor necessity you won't want to forget: mosquito repellent. Nothing ruins a day outside faster than pesky mosquitoes zipping in your ear. Luckily, there are ways to deter the insects from budding into your leisure time, and Amazon shoppers seem to have found an affordable and effective solution. 

The Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repellent is currently the number one best-seller in the online retailer's patio, lawn, and garden department. It's a compact and portable device that offers 12 hours of protection within a 15-foot area. Instead of spraying on chemical repellents like DEET, you can simply place the repeller on your patio table or on the ground by your lawn chair to enjoy a bit of fresh air without mosquitos getting in your way. In fact, according to the brand, this repellent is six times more effective than citronella candles, which are often touted as a natural alternative to insect repellent.

The fuel-powered device uses heat-activated repellent mats to create a scent-free protection zone. All you have to do is insert one of the included mats, twist the fuel cartridge into place, and rotate the bottom of the cylinder to ignite the flame. The fuel cartridge gives off heat that will activate the repellant mat, keeping mosquitos at bay without harsh chemicals or strong scents. You'll know it's on when you see an orange glow on the side of the repeller, and you can easily tell when it's time to replace the mat when the blue color fades to white. Although the repellent is EPA-approved, you'll want to be sure to keep it away from uncovered food.

Available in six colors, the repeller comes with three mats—each providing about four hours of protection—and one fuel cartridge, which lasts for roughly 12 hours of use before it needs to be replaced. You can stock up on replacement mats and fuel cartridges on Amazon so you're always ready to enjoy your favorite outdoor spaces. 

Along with its top spot on the Amazon best-seller list, the patio shield also boasts hundreds of positive reviews from happy customers who say it lives up to its claims. Some noted that buying mat and fuel cartridge refills can get a bit expensive if you use the repeller often, but most say it's well worth the cost.

"This thing works!" one reviewer wrote. "I'm in South Carolina where the mosquitoes can be the size of aircraft carriers. It's nice to be able to sit on my porch with my sweet tea overlooking my gorgeous flower garden and not get eaten alive."

Turn your outdoor space into a mosquito-free oasis with a little help from this compact repellant. It usually goes for $25, but it's 15 percent off right now.

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