Manage annoying fall pests with this handy gadget that’s currently 30% off

2022-10-09 08:22:46 By : Mr. Thomas Yu

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When the weather outside gets chilly, there’s nothing finer than curling up for a cozy night under the blankets. Unfortunately, lots of little pests like to go where it’s warm too. They’ll even follow you inside, as they get drawn to the light of your television or lighting and ruin the vibe of your comfortable autumn evening.

Pesticides are rarely an option indoors unless you want poisonous chemicals throughout your home. Fortunately, there is another option – this brilliant pest management gadget that’s not only getting rave reviews but is on sale right now.

The LiBa Electric Bug Zapper is a chemical-free and portable solution to fall pests. Bugs are drawn to the light of the bulbs, then exterminated by a 2800-volt screen. It works on flies, mosquitoes and all sorts of other creepy crawlies.

The LiBa is lightweight, portable and comes with a hanging chain that lets you put it just about anywhere you’d like. It also features an easy-to-remove screen that makes cleaning it simple. Plus, this package on Amazon comes with two additional bulbs, so you won’t have to worry about searching for a new one once it burns out.

Customers are also loving this pest-fighting gadget, with over 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Just read what this verified purchaser said in their five-star review:

"This is the best indoor bug zapper, period. Do not waste your money on the tiny ones that plug into the walls or ones that use fans and glue or the cute tower zappers. They don't work. This one gets the job done. If your sitting and see a bug whizzing around just turn it on. eventually you'll hear that beautiful zap noise. I've used it on flies, gnats, sink flies, etc. Its big enough to attract them with the lights and strong enough to zap em dead. you wont be disappointed."

When you buy the LiBa zapper on Amazon right now, you'll save nearly 30%. Take advantage of this deal while it’s here to have an enjoyable, bug-free fall season.

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