Ultrasonic Mini Mosquito Pest Repeller Mosquito Repellent Rated Voltage:110V-240VFrequency: 50-60HZEffective Range:30 square meterWorking Style:AC working stylePlug:EU Operating PrincipleBy the long-term reserch of the zoologists, they found female mosquito sucks blood only, an

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Ultrasonic Mini Mosquito Pest Repeller Mosquito Repellent

Rated Voltage:



Effective Range:
30 square meter
Working Style:
AC working style



Operating Principle
By the long-term reserch of the zoologists, they found female mosquito sucks blood only, and the male mosquito lives on floral nectar, plant fluids, etc. The female mosquito needs adequate nutrition with 1 week after mating, that means the female mosquito sucks blood only after it is pregnant. During this period, the female mosquito will not mating with the male mosquito, otherwise, it will affect the production. The Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller will release the wave which is similar to the male mosquito, and then the female mosquito will fly away as it heard the wave.  

Please read through installation and operation instructions carefully and keep these in a safe place.
We do not accept liability for damage persons property caused by non-observation of the instruction, improper handing or for unauthorized changes to the product.
Technical date:
  Voltage: 230V  
   Frequency :7KHZ
   Electricity consumption : 0.5 Watts
    Area of effect: 30 square meter
Safety and warning notes:
  · take the parts carefully out of packaging
  · make sure before using the repeller that has not been damaged during transportation. Operation is forbidden if there is damage.
  · keep packaging materials away from children and pets.
  ·Just put plug into socket  , the LED is lighting,and is working normal.
Care and servicing
  · The product must be cleaned free form and if necessary. Use a dry or slightly damp cloth for cleaning
  · never use chemicals or abrasives for cleaning


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