16 women unconscious after mosquito repellent sprayed in Greater Noida office

2022-10-09 08:13:21 By : Ms. Sue Su

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16 female employees of an electronic parts manufacturing company in Greater Noida's Ecotech 3 police station area fell unconscious after mosquito repellent was sprayed. 

The women were immediately admitted to a nearby private hospital on Sunday evening. Three of them are in ICU and are in serious condition. The relatives of the women, who reached the hospital, created a ruckus and accused the company management.

According to the information received, work was going on in the company on Sunday, and during this, the management got the mosquito repellent sprayed.

The drug spray was of a strong level due to which the condition of the women working in the company started deteriorating after a while. Sixteen female employees working in the company fainted, which led to a near chaos-like situation in the company premises.

The management, with the help of other employees, admitted the unconscious woman to a nearby private hospital. It is being said that the health of all the women was fine at present. On the basis of the complaint given by the family members of the affected women, the police were mulling taking action.

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